How To Make Cooked Goby

How To Make Cooked Goby

This simple guideline with show you how to make cooked goby in an easy way. Cooked goby is a traditional dish made of fresh water fish and very popular in Northern Vietnam.


500 g  goby

200 g half fat and half lean meat

50 g  fish sauce

10 g salt

30 g sugar

3 g powdered red pepper

To taste: Pepper, caramel sauce, smart weed.


1. Wash the goby and cut in half crosswise; wash the meat and cut into pieces; pick the leaves from smart weed.

2. Place a layer of goby in a pot; place a layer of smart weed leaves on top; continue alternating layers of goby and smart weed leaves until all are used. Add the fish sauce, salt, sugar, powdered red pepper and caramel sauce. Put the pot on the fire and simmer; add boiling water to cover the goby and cook until water boils down to 1/2; before serving, transfer the goby to a plate, sprinkle with pepper; serve hot. Pickle vegetables or boiled water morning-glory can be dipped in cooked goby sauce.

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