How To Make Green Rice Sweet Soup

How To Make Green Rice Sweet Soup

This simple guideline will show you how to make green rice sweet soup in an easy way. Com – Green Sticky Rice is a delicacy that is made only in autumn and cherish the Vietnamese.


300 g green rice (or dried green rice)

100 g tapioca flour

1 kg sugar

3 ml polmelo flower extract (or vanilla extract).


1.Dissolve sugar in 2 liters of cold water; bring to boil; and the purify.

2. Dissolve tapioca flour in cold water; decant into he pot of syrup and stir.

3. Remove any rice husk; rub to separate green rice from sticking to each other. When the syrup comes to the boil, sprinkle with green rice and stir. When tapioca flour becomes translucent, remove from heat; leave to get cool; add pomelo flowers extract (or vanilla extract); ladle into bowls; serve cool.