How To Make Traditional Candired Ginger

How To Make Traditional Candired Ginger

This simple guideline will show you how to make traditional candired ginger or mut gung, in an easy way. Candired ginger is an indispensable candy during Lunar New Year.


1000 g young ginger

800 – 1000 g sugar

1 spoon of salt

2 lemon, peeled

Vanilla extract


1. Scrape young ginger, soak slices of ginger in water used to wash rice for 2 – 3 hours, wash and boil many times; or soak slices of ginger in water mixed with alum (or lemon) for some days, renew the water twice (three times) a day, then wash ginger well and boil.

2. Cut lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice; add lemon juice and squeezed lemon to a pot of boiling water; add ginger and boil for some minutes; wash ginger well before boiling again in changed water with another lemon; wash ginger well and strain off the water from ginger; mix ginger with sugar and set aside for some minutes; put ginger in a pan and cook over low heat; when ginger is nearly dry, add vanilla extra and stir to separate green rice from sticking to each other; spread ginger on paper.

Tutorial video: