How To Make Translucent Noodles With Chicken Soup

This simple guideline below will show how to translucent noodles with chicken soup in an easy way. This is the ideal dish for breakfast because it’s delicious, nutritious and does not take long to cook.


1000g chicken (small breed of fowl)

200g translucent noodles

5g field mushroom (agaric)

To taste: Coriander, fresh herbs, pepper, lemon leaves, chili, spring onion, dried shallot, ginger, seasoning (which consists largely of salt and MSG), smartweed, cooking oil.


1. Take the insides of chicken out; wash and boil the chicken until done; remove from bone and shred; wash and finely chop chicken gizzard, heart and liver.

2. Soak mushroom in water until soft; wash; remove stalk and cut into long, thin strips. Char the ginger and shallot; slightly crush and put into the chicken stock. Wash and finely chop smartweed, coriander, fresh herb, spring onions; slice the white part of spring onion.

3. Heat cooking oil and fry the white part of spring onion until fragrant; add chicken gizzard, heart and liver along with mushroom and stir-fry until done before adding seasoning and pepper.

4. Soak noodle in water until soft; wash and cut into shorter lengths. Boil the stock and scald noodles; divide noodle into evenly among four large bowls. On top of the noodles, place chicken flesh, gizzard, heart and liver; scatter with the green part of spring onion, smartweed, fresh herbs and coriander; ladle boiling stock into bowls. Serve hot with slices of chili and pepper.