How To Make Banana Sweet Soup

This simple guideline will show you how to make banana sweet soup in an easy way. Banana sweet soup is typical  dessert in Southern Vietnam.


10 ripe bananas (large, short)

1/2 copra

300 g sugar

100 g roasted peanuts

10 g pearl tapioca

10 g sweet-potato flour


1. Peel bananas (keep intact of cut into pieces); sprinkle with sugar; set aside.

2. Squeeze scraped copra to get fist extract and a bowl of second extract; pour the second extract into a pot; add pearl tapioca, sweet-potato flour and bananas; cook until bananas are soft and pearl tapioca becomes translucent.

3. Remove from heat; arrange in bowls; leave to get cool; before serving, add the first extract and ground roasted peanuts.

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