How To Make Dry Preserved Squash

How To Make Dry Preserved Squash

This simple guideline will show you how to make traditional dry preserved squash or mut bi, in an easy way. Mut bi is an indispensable candy during Lunar New Year.


1000 g squash

800 g sugar

1 spoon of slaked lime, a bit of alum


1. Peel the squash, remove seeds and pith, slice into 4 cm strips; mix slacked lime with water and decant clear water to soak the squash over night.

2. Crush a bit of alum and boil in water; scald the squash;  transfer to a sieve and sun-dry; when the squash is dry, sprinkle with water and sun-dry until squash becomes white.

3. Wash the squash again and drain; mix  the squash with suagr in a pot and set aside overnight; cook over low heat until sugar becomes pearly; remove from heat; pick up each piece of squash with chopsticks, avoiding breaking.