Must-try Food In Hanoi

If you planning to visit the city, here is a list of must-try food in Hanoi. Forget fancy restaurants, you should come close to local place to try good food.

Pho – a delicious intro to Vietnamese food

No matter what time day or night, a steaming bowl of pho noodle soup is never hard to enjoy. Pho consists of flat rice noodles in a light, meat-based broth. The dish is usually accompanied by basil, lime, chili, and other extras on the side so that eaters can season the soup to their own taste. The balanced taste of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus are highly contagious; pho usually becomes an instant favourite for anyone. The most two common varieties of Pho are Pho Bo (Beef) and Pho Ga (Chicken).

Where to eat?

– Pho Thin: 61 Alley, Dinh Tien Hoang Street/ or 13 Lo Duc Street

– Pho GiaTruyen: 49 Bat Dan Street

– Pho 24: 31 Hang Khay Street/ or 61 Van Mieu Street

*Average price: 30,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Banh Cuon

It’s a warm, wonderful way to start the day. Banh Cuon is a popular local breakfast item and is similar to Singapore’s Chee Cheong Fun. Banh Cuon is typically served with bean sprouts and Vietnamese pork sausage (Cha Lua). The rice flour skin is very thin and smooth. The fillings consisted of minced pork, black fungus & shallots.

Where to eat?

– Banh cuon gia truyen – Thanh Van: 14 Hang Ga Street, Hoan Kiem District

– Banh cuon Gia An: 25 Thai Phien Street, Hai Ba Trung District

*Average price: 30,000VND/ portion

Cha Ca

Hanoians consider cha ca to be so exceptional that there is a street in the capital dedicated to these fried morsels of fish. This namesake alley is home to Cha Ca La Vong, which serves sizzling chunks of fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric, then sizzled with heaps of dill and served with rice noodles

Where to eat?

– Cha ca La Vong: 14 Cha Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Cha ca Anh Vu: 116 K1 Giang Vo Street, Dong Da District…

*Average price: 200,000- 300,000VND/portion (for 2 people)

Bun Cha

Recipes for dish of bun cha Hanoi is very simple. It is made from square pork meat grilled on dry charcoal, and then you will eat it with the rice noodles. If you love to eat barbecue, the Hanoi bun cha is a great choice for you. However, bun cha Hanoi is very good food, always fascinating everyone because Hanoi people use a very typical sauce which is just made in Vietnam.

Where to eat?

– Dac Kim Bun Cha: 1 Hang Manh Street, HoanKiem District

– Bun Cha Hang Than: 34, Hang Than Street, Ba Dinh District

– Dong Xuan Market

– Bun cha SinhTu: 8 Ta QuangBuu Street, Hai Ba Trung District

– Bun cha Nguyen Bieu: 23 Nguyen Bieu Street, Ba DinhDistrict

*Average price: 30,000 – 50,000 VND/ portion