Hang Dao Street

Today this is one of very few one-way street in the Old Quarter acting as a main road of the city even the street always crows with many store and shopping place along the sidewalk.
Hang Dao Street was called Rue de la Soie (silks street) during French colony. At that time one of first tram line ran along the street connected Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Dau park. Around 1925, western fashion became popular in Hanoi, a suit or dress has replaced the traditional Ao Dai to became a symbol of wealth. Silk stores had started to disappear meanwhile many Wester tailor shop opened before the whole street slowly transformed into a luxury shopping street with watch shops, shoe store e.g. Until today Hang Dao is the busiest shopping street in Hanoi.

Since 2013, Hanoi city has allowed opening walking night market in Hang Dao – Hang Ngang – Dong Xuan market on weekend evening (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to provided mỏe walking and shopping place. Handicrafts and street foods are sold in the night market for Hanoian and tourist, it’s perfect for people who looking for some lovely souvenir or cheap accessories.
There are some important historic places on Hang Dao Street are remain until today. At number 38 Hang Dao Street tourist can find Dong Lac Temple is the place worship for Thang Long Tu Tran – Thang Long’s Four Guardians.
Today the appearance of Hang Dao Street has changed a lot but it still plays the role as the busiest center of Hanoi and selling clothes, jeweler, watches e.g for tourists and citizens of the capital.