The Walking Street

Starting from September 2016, these streets around Hoan Kiem Lake had become walking street during every weekend as a highly of Hanoi and provide more walking space for local people and tourist. The next month, the walking street was extended by added 7 streets and 2 alleys to no-vehicle-street list. From 7PM on Friday until 0AM Sunday every week, traffic is ban to make walking area. Coffee shops, restaurants and other business can open until 2AM instead of 0AM. Traditional games and culture activities are new attraction for both local people and tourist. Hanoi is a very crowded and busy city. A spacious walking street located in the heart of the city was a dream of Hanoian for long time.

One of the most interesting thing of Hanoi walking street is traditional games such as O An Quan (Mandarin Square Capturing – a traditional Vietnamese children’s board game), tug of war, stilts e.g. Sitting on the street and playing game now is an option to spend your night time in the Old Quarter thanks for traffic ban. Dozens of people play together tug-of-war with Hoan Kiem lake, in the heart of a bustling city. Culture related activities such as traditional perform, street circus or street art exhibition are new experience for visitors. Traditional toys or snacks that seem to have disappeared long time ago are easy to buy with pedestrian walkers.

Around Hoan Kiem Lake which is inside walking street have many famous destination or sightseeing place, for example Ngoc Son Temple, Soldiers Monument, Ba Kieu Temple and King Ly Thai To Monument.

Many good coffee shop or snack store nearby the lake such as Giang café with its fabulous egg coffee or Trang Tien Ice-cream will be ideal place to take a rest after your long walking.

Nearly one year since the first day of the walking street, today it is always the attraction to Hanoian and tourist. Let’s come here to relaxing around Hoan Kiem lake, visit the surrounding landscapes and taste some Hanoi street food which is unforgettable.