Lam Dong Products To Be Promoted At Da Lat Flower Festival

This year, Lam Dong central highlands province Tea & Silk festival will be part whole week long of the yearly famous Da Lat Flower Festival.

Bao Loc City which produced most of local silk will held the Silk & Tea festival from 23rd to 27th December this year, announced by provincial officials  at a press on 1st December. It will feature activities honoring tea and silk makers, and a silk fashion show.

According to Secretary of the Bao Loc Party Committee, Mr. Le Hoang Phung, silk production in Lam Dong is thriving again after years in oblivion.

At the present, Lam Dong produces 1,600 tonnes of silk threads on annual basis and expects to make about 6 million meters of silk, a huge jump compare with 1997 – 2016 period when it made only  500 tonnes of silk threads and 1.8 million meters of silk. The industry create 12,000 jobs for locals.

Their target today is build a brand for Lam Dong Silk and upcoming festival is expected to help to promote silk product to more and more customers.