Muong Lay Hosts Traditional Boat Racing

On 1st of January, the fourth traditional boat racing festival with eight team from Dien Bien and Lai Chau Province was help in Muong Lay Town, Dien Bien.

In the festival, all teams had to complete 1,000 boat race and other ethnic sports.

Before the race is a ritual to worship god of river to pray for favorable weather for local people to have a bumper crop.

Launched in 2015, the boat race reflects the efforts of Dien Bien Province to popularize the beauty of Thai ethnic minorities and their culture in order to attract national and international friends and create an opportunity for minority ethnic groups to strengthen their solidarity.

The organizers also organized folk exchanges and games as well as competitions between the boat teams for visitors and introduced them to local handicrafts and special dishes from Thai ethnic minorities.

At the event, the Muong Lay Town People’s Committee launched the Culture and Sports Festival for the minority ethnic groups in the city.

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