Nhat Tan Bridge Have New Outstanding Look With Thousands Of LED Lights

Nhat Tan Bridge

The city of Hanoi has unveiled plans to give the iconic Nhat Tan Bridge a new look and outfit it with thousands of LED lights that will display a variety of artistically vivid undulating designs nightly.

Nhat Tan Bridge crossing the Red River, inaugurated in early 2015 with a length of 3.7 km, 33.2 m wide, 8 lanes, 5 spans of cords represent 5 great of Thang Long Citadel. This is one of the few continuous cable stayed bridges in the world, and is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam. Nhat Tan Bridge play an important part of Hanoi’s transport system which connected city central and Noi bai International Airport.

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Nhat Tan Bridge

The decoration light project It is a plan to transform Nhat Tan Bridge into an architectural landmark in the north of the city and Hanoi officials hope the kinetic light project will change the perception of the bridge and help boost tourism to the area. The project completed on February 17, uses 3755 meters of electric cable and 1280 high power LEDs that can generate over 16 million colors. The city has signed a contract with Phillips based out of the Netherlands to design and install the lighting system.

This system with its smart technology not only providing light for traffic vehicles but also can easy change colors by theme or weather conditions.