Vietnamese Food Festival Draws The Crowds In Moscow

Vietnamese Food Festival Draws The Crowds In Moscow

The second Vietnamese Food Festival has been held in Moscow, with the goal of promoting deliciously unique and special cuisines of Vietnam to Russian.

The three-day festival presents the presence of many famous Moscow restaurants such as Viet Soul, Sen, Long Ha and Viet Duc. It has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to sample a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes and fruits, with the opportunity to purchase processed foods such as noodles, noodles, tea, coffee, confectionery, as well as souvenirs and cosmetics.

Visitors could also learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes and attend attractive artistic performances that showcase Vietnamese culture and traditional games.

Vietnam’s ambassador in Russia, Nguyen Thanh Son, said the organization of the second festival of gastronomy has been so successful because of the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine among international friends.

Vietnamese cuisine should be widely publicized among international friends, said Son, underscoring the Embassy’s intentions to coordinate with Incentra the regular celebration of such events for the international promotion of Vietnamese food quality.

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