O Mai

O Mai is a salted dried apricots or sweet dried apricots which is a favorite gift for many people in Hanoi and other provinces.

O mai – a dilicious nosh! It is produced by the traditional method, given that Choosing materials, the company will also send staff in the gardens to Hung Yen, Hai Hung, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau to collect all kinds of bitter fresh fruit crops as Plum, apricot, dracontomelum, star, tamarindo, kumquat, pineaple, canary, lemon. This is the expert secret of Hang Duong, besides sugar, ginger, add chilli, mix licorice to have yellow sweet fragrant food.

Currently this product all year round and can be enjoyed with a cup of tea and a couple of friends to chat. This is also a precious gift from the people of Hanoi giving to their friends.

If you would like to make dried apricot, you can use the following recipe and you can make the perfect nosh. First, you soak the apricots in water to cover overnight. Then, place them to cook in the same water. Cook until tender. Mash them or chop in blender. After that, peel, core, and cut the pineapple into small pieces. Cover with water and cook until tender. Measure the fruits and juices. Last, place equal amounts of sugar with the measured fruits into a heavy kettle and cook slowly until thick and clear.