Bun Bo Nam Bo

Vietnam is famous for an excellent gastronomy. This article is going to introduce to you Bun Bo Nam Bo, a type of Vietnamese noodle, which is popular in the south of Vienam. The dish was in the top 10 must-try Vietnamese food of CNN.

In a hot summer day, a bowl of the noodle can definitely calm down the sultry weather.

Bun Bo Nam Bo, also known as stir-fried beef noodle, has many different ways of cooking that can be simple but very exquisite.

The noodle is a mix of a special sauce, noodle (of course), beef, fried chopped onion, peanut and served with vegetables, herbs or “rau thom” (literally translated as perfumed vegetables because they really have their own natural scents)

Unlike Pho, in which broth plays the most important role, it is believed that the “soul” of Bun Bo Nam Bo lies in its sauce, which is a harmony among sweet, sour and spicy taste. At the first sight, ingredients of this “soul” seem not so special, including fish sauce, garlic, lime, chillies, sugar and hot pepper. All of them are put together and then brought to a boil. Each restaurant has their own secret in making the sauce but surely, they are all tasty and satisfied to every gastronome.

In addition to the main sauce, beef is also prepared meticulously. After being well seasoned with sugar, fish sauce, hot pepper and some other spices, it is stir-fried with chopped onion on high heat. The important point is that the beef must be soft, kept the natural sweet taste without fat grease.

It will be a shortage if we do not mention fried onion, peanut that are catalysts to the enchanting flavor of Bun Bu Nam Bo.

Onion is soaked in water before being processed so the cooks does not cry when chopping it.

After that, it is fried until having golden brown color and then filtered through a sieve to remove excessive oil and left to cool.

Once all ingredients are well cooked, they are put in a bowl. First layer is the noodle, then some beef, more herbs, peanuts, fried onion, some chillies and lastly is the special sauce. Mixing them together, feeling the luring smell gradually spreads out, tasting the sweet, sour, meety and delicious flavor, you will fall in love with the dish for sure.