About Us

Starting his career in the hospitality industry at a hotel, Mr. Ha, driven by his passion for food, eventually chose to transition into becoming a foodie tour guide after five years of managing the hotel. Together with some friends, he embarked on the mission of creating unique tourism experiences centered around Hanoi’s street foods. Their success has played a pivotal role in introducing Vietnamese cuisine to foreign visitors, making street food tours a renowned attraction in Hanoi.

Why Choose a Food Tour in Hanoi?

With a history spanning over a millennium, Hanoi, as the capital, has been a hub of culture and refinement. Its cuisine reflects this heritage, characterized by delicacy and uniqueness. Many family-owned restaurants in Hanoi boast secret recipes passed down through generations, offering authentic dishes that are difficult to find elsewhere. However, these culinary gems are often tucked away in narrow alleys or unassuming sidewalks, posing a challenge for foreign tourists to discover on their own.

Joining a food tour with local guides who possess intimate knowledge of Hanoi is the ideal way to savor authentic Hanoian cuisine while immersing oneself in the local lifestyle. It provides an opportunity to gain insight into the city’s rich history and cultural tapestry dating back a thousand years.

Why Choose Us?

Mr. Ha, affectionately known as a foodie tour guide, leads a team that has catered to nearly 10,000 food enthusiasts annually from around the globe. With their wealth of experience and genuine passion for food, Mr. Ha and his team have launched their own website, hafoodtours.com, with the aim of bridging the gap between Hanoi cuisine and tourists.

Expert Guidance – Mr. Ha and his team are seasoned experts who navigate Hanoi’s alleys and streets with ease. Their profound understanding of the city’s culinary landscape ensures an enriching and authentic food tour experience. Above all, they share a deep love for Hanoi cuisine and are committed to showcasing it to the world.