How To Make Water Morning-glory And Sour Carambola Salad

How To Make Water Morning-glory And Sour Carambola Salad

This simple guideline below will show how to make water morning-glory and sour carambola salad, one of the best appetizer dish, in an easy way. This dish have sweet and fragrant of shrimp compare with sour taste from star-fruit, which is suitable for hot summer days.

To make a delicious vegetable salad, you should choose dry rice field vegetables, this type of vegetable is large leaves, short stalks, crispy. Do not choose small leafy vegetables, small stalks because when cooked cooked vegetables, leafy viscous


200g water morning-glory

100g beansprout

100g skin of pork, boiled

100g shelled shrimp

1 sour carambola (star fruit)

1 – 2 spoons of liquid lard

50g roasted sesame seeds

1 spoon of shrimp paste

1 lemon

1 chili

1 bunch of marjoram

Seasoning (which consists largely of salt and MSG), garlic.


1. Clean and wash water morning-glory, cut into pieces, scald and spread to cool; wash beansprouts and drain.

2. Slice skin of pork into long strips. Wash shelled shrimp carefully to get rid of any sand and dust; roast, adding seasoning.

3. Mince peeled garlic, fry in a boiling fat; remove carambola edge and wash; mix shrimp paste with lemon juice, chili; grin roasted sesame seeds and winnow to remove the husk; wash marjoram and soak in slightly saline water, then drain.

4. Combine water morning-glory, beansprouts, skin of pork, shrimp, carambola fruit juice in a large bowl; add slice of the squeezed carambola, shrimp paste, fried garlic and blend well; sprinkle with sesame seeds and blend well; transfer to a plate, garnish with marjoram.