Tan Trao Tourist Site To Welcome 2 Million Visitors Annually By 2030

Tan Trao Tourist Site To Welcome 2 Million Visitors Annually By 2030

To 2030, Tan Trao tourist site expect to received 2 million visitors every year including 35,000 foreigners, under Prime Minister planning project.

Tan Trao located in Northern province Tuyen Quan, wants to welcome domestic visitors from the northeast and northwest regions, the Mekong River Delta region, as well as major cities including Hanoi, Hai Phong, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho.

Northeast and Southeast Asia countries are key international markets of Tan Trao tourist site.

The planning zone for tourism development under the project includes a total of a 2,500-hectare core region in Tan Trao, Minh Thanh, Trung Yen, Binh Yen and Luong Thien communes of Son Duong District, and Kim Quan Commune of Yen Son District.

Regarding the tourism infrastructure development, the project aims to add 1,000 3-star rooms on the site by 2030 and develop other types of accommodation in tourism such as camping, bungalows, and homestays in Tan Lap, Nieng and Quan Ha hamlet.

Tourist products provided to visitors will be focused on exploring the historical value of the site, highlighting the indigenous culture and traditional festivals of ethic groups in Tuyen Quang Province, as well as tours across Pho Day River.

An entertainment complex and park will be constructed on the site, including a swimming pool, arts clubs, sports facilities, and a stage to host folk games.

All available resources will be mobilised to implement the project, including sources provided from the State budget, the National Fund for Tourism Development, financial support from organisations, businesses and other legal investment sources.

Among them, the State budget will be used to improve infrastructure, bolster the marketing and brand of the site, enhance human resources, preserve and promote the historical and cultural values of the complex.

Tan Trao, known as Viet Nam’s revolutionary cradle, was once the home of Uncle Ho along with the Party central agencies in the pre-insurrection period and in the war against the French. It is the site of many historic events leading up to the August Revolution and victory.

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